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Big Data Textual ETL Webinar

Thursday 27th February 2014 - 2pm AEST

Format: Free Online.      Duration: 60 minutes. Textual ETL - Getting Real with Big Data Big Data is nothing new. What is new is the desire to extract meaning from it. Current ‘Big Data’ solutions may be good at pushing data around and managing it, but for extracting real meaningful information, they simply do not cut it. Bill Inmon, the Father of Data Warehousing, has spent much of his research in recent years devoted to the analysis of unstructured data. In doing so, he has identified and patented key techniques for Textual Disambiguation - applying real context to words found in everyday documents like contracts, safety reports, doctors' notes, websites, emails. In fact, any unstructured text. His product, Textual ETL, can do what the major players in Big Data cannot do - derive meaning with context from huge amounts of unstructured data. This technology has already helped a major oil company save millions of dollars - and possibly lives - by analysing thousands of incident reports to help improve safety through better training and accident prevention. A leading cancer research organisation has analysed decades of oncologists' notes to find previously-unknown insights to cancer. Data Transformed in association with Bill Inmon’s company, Forest Rim Technology, are organising a free on-line webinar where you can find out more about this amazing, patented technology and see it in action. Join us at your desktop on Thursday 27th February at 2pm Australian EST (GMT+10 NSW/VIC/ACT, GMT+9 QLD). Meanwhile, if your need is more urgent, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9965 3781.
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