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Data Preparation with QFire Validator Webinar

Thursday 8th October 2015 - 10am

Format: Free On-line.      Duration: 50-60 minutes. Did you know, poor data quality can cost a business as much as 20% of its operating profits? Traditional approaches to data quality are cumbersome, usually requiring assistance from IT to get the changes effected. Data quality is a business problem, and therefore should be entirely managed by the business. QFire provides a comprehensive data validation and transformation capability for business users that is simple and cost effective. It reduces the complexities of data management to a level understood by every business user. QFire is browser-based, quick to deploy and easy to use. As such, customers generally see an ROI in a matter of weeks. QFire at a glance Business users can manage data quality with an intuitive interface. Eliminate the usual data quality rule specification, development and user testing. Document, edit and manage business rules from one place. Understand the quality of the data in the business. Establish a framework for data quality management. Repository for data quality history and measurement. Data Transformed in association with QFire Software are organising a free on-line webinar where you can find out more about this amazing technology and see it in action. Rebuild your trust in your data with QFire. Join us at your desktop on at 10am Thursday 8th October 2015. Meanwhile, if your need is more urgent, then please do not hesitate to contact us or on 02 9965 3781.
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