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QFire Special Offer - Terms and Conditions

Offer Expires 31st October 2013!

This offer is subject to the following conditions:- 1) QFire licensing is sold subject to QFire Software’s terms and conditions of sale. 2) Order is for a minimum of five QFire Named User Licenses at AU$100/user/month or $1200/user/year - whichever is preferable to the client. 3) Price excludes travel and accommodation charges if travel is required beyond 75km of Sydney CBD. 4) A system environmental requirements document will be provided prior to installation, and all items in the document must be ready and prepared by the client before arrival of our consultant. 5) Training will be provided for an Administrator (approx four hours) and ‘Train-the Trainer’ or up to 8 people for a 1-2 hour session. Remember:- QFire is browser-based, quick to deploy and easy to use. As such, customers generally see an ROI in a matter of weeks. QFire at a glance Business users can manage data quality with an intuitive interface. Eliminate the usual data quality rule specification, development and user testing. Document, edit and manage business rules from one place. Understand the quality of the data in the business. Establish a framework for data quality management. Repository for data quality history and measurement.
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