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Rapid Data Quality Repair with QFire - Free Webinar

Thursday - 2pm AEST

Everybody knows that Garbage In means Garbage Out, but did you know that poor data quality can affect the operating profit of your business by as much as 20%?! Traditional approaches to data quality are cumbersome, usually requiring assistance from IT to get the changes effected. Data quality is a business problem, and therefore should be entirely managed by the business. In this short, one-hour presentation, we will explain and prove the value of modern Data Quality Firewall software over traditional DQ tools for maintaining data quality - and how they achieve this at a fraction of the cost. Come and see how your business users can manage data quality for themselves using plain English rules with QFire, and its simple, fast workflow for making bad data a thing of the past. We will show you how QFire puts data quality where it belongs - back in the hands of the business. Complete the form below to register now, or click here to set a reminder on the day.