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Data Transformed's Leading Practices for a Rolling Forecast Targets need to be timely and complete Automate data entry Efficient data collection tools (think web enabled) Focus the management team into quarterly forecasts vs. single event Expand the scope of forecasts to include financial and non-financial data Think more than 4 quarters Simplify forecasts by focusing on key metrics Encourage forecast ownership by lines of business Define consistent methodology and timelines for completing forecasts Model ‘what if scenarios’ in your forecast by liniking to systems Tie incentive compensation to forecast accuracy and contribution If you wish to contact us to discuss an individual approach to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) at your organisation OR you wish to learn more about our CPM Framework our contact details are: Telephone:   +61 2 9956 3781 Email:  If you are interested in attending Data Transformed’s webinar on “Move from a Budget to a Rolling Forecast” which features an overview of both our CPM framework as well as a technology platform demonstration, please click here.
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