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Customer Analytics: The Actian Clear Path Program Webinar

Thursday 19th November 2015 - 10am

Format: Free Online.      Duration: 50-60 minutes. Customer Analytics: The Actian Clear Path Program Do you want to understand your customers well enough to provide personalised experiences and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty? Do you know how to get started, to create value immediately and accelerate you analytics ROI? With our Big Data 2.0 and advanced analytics solution, you can create: customer micro-segmentations focused messaging personalised products and offers improved bottom-line revenues by precision forecasting of customer and market patterns and behaviours Actian integrates all data, not just a sub-set sampling, in order to measure, quantify, and predict market events in real time. For example our customers; Increased promotional offer uptakes by 80% by using real-time analytics Reduced customer attrition by 20% by predicting “customer signals” based on behavior patterns Mitigated risk exposure by conducting 90% faster financial analysis on events leading to risk To learn more click on the following lins: Actian Customer Analytics Solutions Actian Customer Analytics Predictive Analytics & the Customer Journey Drive Customer Loyalty with Big Data Join us to learn how to: Know your customers better than any competitor can Boost campaign revenue Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty Predict and affect customer behaviour Join us on Thursday 19th November at 10am. In the meanwhile if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9965 3781.
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