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Take Our 24-Hour BI/DW Challenge!

Offer Expires 30th April 2014!

Here’s how it works:- 1) Register using the form below. 2) We will contact you to get your data and discuss your requirement. We’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement first. 3) We will take your data either as a flat-file, or, preferably, an exported database with schema. 4) On our demo cloud-based server, we will build an Enterprise Data Warehouse in Third Normal Form or Data Vault (your choice) and a single star-schema datamart using BIReady. We will also deliver a dashboard using Yellowfin.  5) We will then provide you with a secure log-in to view the result for you to socialise with your colleagues. Important:- The purpose of this exercise is to prove the speed at which information systems can be delivered using our products and methodology. While we aim to give you a fully-working BI solution from your data, we are not aiming to solve all your Business Intelligence problems in 24 hours! We are therefore assuming that the data supplied is either your test data, or data that is free of quality issues in order to perform this exercise properly. For real-world scenarios, we have QFire for excellent data quality management, but this falls outside the scope of this exercise. There is no obligation on your part, and this trial service is free. Data Transformed reserves the right to decline from entering into a challenge, and makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the outcome. All data supplied is at customers own risk.
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